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Michel Kamphuis

Michel Kamphuis

~ M3 Groep

The M3 Group started 20 years ago as a full-service hosting provider. Over the years, the portfolio has been expanded further, and network, workstation, and system management activities have been added. Telephone services can also be effortlessly entrusted to M3, from on-premise to hosted, and from fixed to mobile - almost anything is possible!

Expertise in connections is present at M3, including connections over fiber optics or copper, but also wireless connections such as microwave links and mobile connections. With a close-knit team, infrastructure, software, and technical specialists, M3 ensures maximum uptime for connections, servers, and applications. In short, M3 provides comprehensive IT support. For Managed Grid, M3 provides all connections to the hosting environment of various projects, using redundant paths from different telcos to the data centers in Amsterdam, Ede, and Apeldoorn - where the equipment of Managed Grid is hosted.

M3 has close relationships with almost all partners of Managed Grid. With GW Infra, there is good contact regarding the installation of fiber optic rings, which are laid out and illuminated in-house. All network administration is maintained in Cocon, which can also be viewed by M3 at any time.

Connectivity and hosting are provided by Innax and Infuze at various sites and data centers. We work with Lars and Ron in the hosting environment for various databases and applications.

The relationship between Managed Grid and M3 goes back about 5 years and have always worked as partners. The communication lines between them are short and direct.