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Graphs and control

We improve the transport capacity of an electrical grid with a factor 1.3 till 3. We are at the dawn of a big energy transition and our electrical grids are built in accordance with currently old-fashioned principles, like big centrals and a high reliability. All green producers are using the transport capacity of the electrical grid. According to the principals of the past, we are overloading our electrical grid. According to new insights we can increase the transport capacity up to a factor 3 when we adjust production and consumption to each other.

What is our solution?

  • Automating and cooperating.

  • We double the transport capacity from 1 MVA to 2 MVA.

It looks simple, but behind the last two sentences is a whole world.

To measure is to know

In an intelligent way, we use the existing equipment to measure all the critical junctions in an electrical grid.

Control capacity

Adjustable producers and consumers are attuned to each other in the most economical way.


This is the most challenging part: collaborating companies whose agreements are described in contracts. The grid operators have a big challenge for the future.

Since 2012, we regulate the Ecofactorij and Smart Grid Flevoland.